Five Lessons

  1. What is AAC
  2. Alternative Communication
  3. Five AAC Myths
  4. Types of AAC
  5. AAC and The IEP

Bonus #1 Smart Goals

Bonus # 1 Smart IEP Goals

  • What goes into a smart goal
  • Why Smart Goals Matter


Bonus #2 Inclusion

Lesson and guide to creating meaningful inclusion

  • How to make it work
  • Documenting it on the IEP
  • Steps to creaing meaningful inclusion- Inclusion is not a place it’s an experience

Bonus #3 Parent Input Toolkit

Developing a parent input statement is key for families to be heard at the table. This toolkit can be used for parents to develop their input statement and it can also be used by teachers to partner with parents to develop the IEP. 


Bonus #4 IEP Checklist

IEP checklist and video lesson to help the team prepare for the next IEP meeting

PDFs and Support Materials

Downloads and support material to make your life easier and save you tons of time! Download, click and print your way to less stress. Communication solutions for the real world. 

Private Facebook Group-

Private access to a facebook group! This group is just for members of the Communication Matters Course, get ready to learn and grow with an amazing community. 


HI! I AM Courtney Burnett and I am the creator of Communication Matters- Alternative Communication for Home and School. 

Hi, I am Courtney Burnett I am a Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) and a Master IEP Coach. I am also a mom to a child with complex medical needs and cerebral palsy who is nonverbal.

 I desperately wanted to be able to communicate with my daughter, I knew she had thoughts and ideas, and I knew the lack of communication was the cause of some of the behaviors I was seeing at home and school. 

 I soon realized I was going to have to research and find the best way to communicate with my daughter. The traditional speech therapy was not working, no progress was being made, and I was done waiting and hoping the weekly therapy would start to work.

I needed answers like yesterday! So, that is exactly what I did. I have taken everything I learned and put it into this one of kind course. Communication Matters will give you the tools to start and expand alternative communication at both home and school. 

Using my skills and passion for communication I have created a course that was developed for parents, teachers, and therapist to use both at home and school.  

I specialize in inclusion solutions, assistive technology and using a multisensory approach in creating real-life solutions for both parents and educators. 

I am beyond excited to work with you! 


See you on the inside,

Courtney Burnett, SLPA

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